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Wood Seasoning

Freshly cut wood has a naturally high amount of moisture in it, this can be between 40-65% depending on the species. The process that removes the water is known as seasoning. This is a natural drying process and the 2 year wait to use the wood produces the best logs for burning.

Once your logs are seasoned they will burn far more efficiently than fresh cut wood. Therefore they put out more heat and will burn longer, giving you much better value for money!

Our seasoned wood has been dried by the sun and the wind over a period of two years and the moisture content is 20% or less. For the best burning results, you should always choose seasoned wood.

Only dry seasoned logs can guarantee you those safe, wonderful, roaring fires. And, seeing as they burn for longer and give out more heat, they also represent much better value for money!

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A Clean Chimney

In wood burning stoves it is easy to close down the draught too soon sending unburnt gases up the chimney which then condense onto the walls of the flue forming tar.

It can be dangerous to burn unseasoned wood, as the excess of moisture can cause condensation to form in the chimney. This can mix with the tar which produces a brown sludge, a nasty mess and an unpleasant smell.

Sweeping chimneys

Wood tar is highly flammable and a spark from the fire can lead to a serious chimney fire. Ideally chimneys should be swept twice a year and this is often a stipulation of household insurance policies. You may find that in the event of a chimney fire your insurance will be invalid if you cannot produce a certificate from a chimney sweep.

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